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Biomedical Board-Level Repair

TSL is the only company in the MENA region that repairs biomedical equipment to the board level. We repair printed circuit boards and assemblies down to the component level. We help our clients cut their expenses on repair and maintenance, with the lowest turnaround time and highest quality standards. Our repair and maintenance services are available across GCC countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE, and we hold expertise in completing numerous projects in these nations.

Cost-effective Repair & Maintenance

As medical equipment is continually evolving to better diagnose, treat, and improve patient care outcomes, our biomedical engineers constantly review new safety standards and management strategies to keep up with equipment technology. Preventative maintenance programs are put in place, referring to the operator’s manual for each device, to test, evaluate, and verify that the device is running correctly on a routine basis.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

We provide our partner hospitals with exceptional services when it comes to the maintenance of their medical equipment and devices. To meet the requirements, we have a network of certified biomedical engineers who are trained to be of immediate service. We perform at the shortest possible turnaround time and with minimal cost. With our long experience in handling such equipment, we can predict and identify the parts that are on the verge of collapsing. Our experience enables us to assure the absolute success and quality of the projects we undertake, within their full scope as defined by our clients.

Gallery Repair and Maintenance Units

Our Repair and Maintenance services are available for:

Anesthetic Workstation
Patient monitoring and Critical Care
X-Ray Machine
Ultrasound Equipment
Infusion Pumps
Infant Radiant Warmer
Autoclave Benchtop Sterilizer
ECG Machine
Laser Machine
Dental Chair
Blood bank Refrigerator
Surgical Diathermy
Physiotherapy Equipment

BIOMEDICAL SOLUTIONSEmpowering The Healthcare System

Healthcare systems are struggling to meet the needs of their patients as a result of changing patient expectations, a change in lifestyle preferences, and the never-ending cycle of innovation. These challenges are exacerbated by rising costs and a workforce that is struggling to keep up with demand. Such conditions require long-term care that is more aggressive and targeted. We are experts in managing biomedical equipment, and we have specialized tools, software, and technology to support you in providing effective and high-quality patient care.

Our team proactively addresses issues and streamlines healthcare services restoring the entire piece of equipment to its previous performance while keeping patient safety in mind, starting with the analysis of the actual problem, evaluation of critical components, troubleshooting the problem, changing faulty components, and so on. The entire repair process calls for sophisticated abilities, in-depth knowledge, and years of expertise; our team of Certified Biomedical Engineers is prepared to provide you with dependable integrated solutions.

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